AmplifyHER is an initiative of BrandedU, the personal branding institute built for the acceleration of women in business.

What our partners are doing:

We’re organizing 2 breakout sessions with hands on tools so you can leave this event with a bag full of knowledge you can actively use in your work life. We will announce the program of the breakout sessions soon. 

Women and Tech is amplified by
Unlock the Ideas of Tomorrow with IBM Garage
Do you want to leave feeling inspired, full of new energy and ready to drive change? IBM will take you on a journey to unleash your creativity, guiding you step by step. Get ready to transform the way you do business!
IBM Garage is the industry leading model for accelerating digital transformation. In this workshop we will show you how to turn innovative ideas into business value by teaching you the practices, technologies and expertise needed to rapidly turn those visions into reality.
Get ready to experience IBM Garage. Because the work you do today will define you tomorrow!
Workshop: Using your voice in Tech
  • Panel discussion
  • Open Q&A
  • Exercises / Activities in groups

The open panel discussion will center around the topic of showing the value we (as professional individuals) bring to the technology industry.

Panelists will be:

  • Gaby Grillo: Sr. Manager Product MKT
  • Kaären Davoli: VP Marketing
  • Sonja Radenkovic: VP Design
  • Arpana Honap: Content Marketing Manager


  • Danielle Daubaras: Senior Global Events Manager
Inclusive Banking

Inequality of opportunity plays a global role in financial services. How does this impact your career and what can you do about it? Join ABN AMRO’s session together with Chantal Korteweg, director Inclusive Banking. After her talk, Chantal will join an interactive panel with other top ABN AMRO female managers and directors talking about how to stay true to yourself in a high demanding job. Join the conversation, and feel free to ask any career related questions.

Speakers will be:

  • Chantal Korteweg: Director Inclusive Banking
  • Jessica Conquet: Head of Global Security at ABN AMRO Clearing Bank
  • Sumitra Moeller: Head of Financing Solutions at ABN AMRO
  • Danique van Koppenhagen: Head of PMO Pool Execution Office & Strategic Programme Manager Digital & Data Capabilities
Workshop: The Art of Soulful Living

An interactive workshop where we will immerse ourselves into the Art of Soulful Living. We will be investigating how to maintain joyful on the work floor while staying connected to your soul. It will be an interactive panel discussion to ask your questions and share experiences.

Speakers will be:

  • Dagmar Brusse: Creative Director
  • Joakim Klingsell: Country Director Nordics
  • Ineke Tolud: Head of Format & Design
  • Dirk van Zon: HR Business Partner/D&I Lead
  • Monique Jagmohansingh: Head of Innovation Creative
Welcome to new mobility
Lynk & Co was created to provide surprising, sustainable mobility solutions. We are offering all guests an electricity-powered ride to the venue in Lynk & Co’s 01 car on November 1st. The best opportunity to meet other fellow (potential) leaders before the event. Sharing is caring! Sign up here for a timeslot.
Corinne Aaron (Lynk & Co’s Chief Marketing Officer) will also be sharing her story on behalf of Lynk & Co. About cultural differences and how to stay true to your roots throughout your career.

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Speaker announcement: Next speakers will be announced 26th of October  🙌